nothing is still 01
all things will flow and disappear

contemporary-modern music
bricolage AGI yuzuru

04 May 2018
@ environment 0g zero-gauge
2000yen inc.CDR+1drink

Iterate (number 1)
Steeve A. Bjornson
Inspired by the work of Pol Bury, this piece was created with software which generates concentric rings in an image and rotates the image content within these rings.

nibble – A Chance To Proliferate Is A Chance To Mutate

bricolage: AGI Yuzuru [nibble – A Chance To Proliferate Is A Chance To Mutate]
Bath Studio
bricolage: AGI Yuzuru
[nibble – A Chance To Proliferate Is A Chance To Mutate]
31 sat March 2018 at environment 0g [ zero-gauge ]

Oscar Mulero ‎– Perfect Peace

マドリードのOscar Muleroの、映画のサウンドトラックのような雑音に侵されたlo-fiの暗いロウBPMのグルーブも、ダンスフロアからどんどん離れていく・・Vatican Shadowなどにも見られる壊れた大聖堂テクノのステレオタイプ・・・ギリシャの哲学的テーマに結びついた11の複雑で知的な世界・・
レコーディングの後、スペインのフォトグラファー、パトリシア・バロエタ監督のアルバムカット「The Arms Of Fate」のトリプティクの形で描かれた控えめで印象的な作品にMuleroの暗く悲観的なテクスチャーが具現化されている。

We’re proud to exclusively premiere this powerfully evocative video for album cut “The Arms Of Fate”, directed by Spanish photographer and filmmaker Patricia Barroeta.

Oscar Mulero | WarmUp Rec
Oscar Mulero | WarmUp Rec
Unwavering departure

Oscar Mulero:
Oscar Mulero was born in Madrid, and is a techno DJ and producer. Mulero started DJing in 1988, and was the first Spanish DJ to became part of the Members Of Mayday. He established The Omen Club in Madrid in the early 90s.
Mulero also uses the alias Doctor Smoke for his Drum ‘n’ Bass sessions, and owns the labels Warm Up Recordings and Pole Recordings.

Oscar Mulero ‎– Perfect Peace
Semantica Records ‎– SEMANTICA 70LP
2 × Vinyl, 12″, Album
23 Mar 2018
Downtempo, Ambient, IDM
1 Ataraxia 6:17
2 Surrender The Soul 1:24
3 On Eternal Power 5:35
4 Unwavering Departure 6:19
5 Ouroboros 1:09
6 Embraced To The Last Breath 5:48
7 Resolution 6:24
8 Return To Ash 2:06
9 Swathed In The Absolute 4:45
10 The Arms Of Fate 6:33
11 Finality Of Performance 6:56
Written, Produced by Oscar Mulero
Mastered by Carlos Koschitzky
Mastered at Koschitzky Studio
Mixed at Dead Souls Studio
Artwork by Acid Hazel
Photography by Javier Bejarano


Oscar Mulero ‎– Acceptance

Oscar Mulero – Edges of Mortality [SEMANTICA70​.​3]
Oscar Mulero – Crux [SEMANTICA70​.​3]

Oscar Mulero ‎– Acceptance
Semantica Records ‎– SEMANTICA70.3
Vinyl, 12″, EP
18 Jan 2018
Techno, Ambient, IDM, Electro
A1 Inherent Progression 2:50
A2 Crux 6:03
A3 Depht in Clarity 6:13
B1 Acceptance 6:03
B2 Edges of Mortality 5:42
B3 Exhale and Expand 3:37