Nicolas Montgermont – Radioscapes

Nicolas Montgermont ‎– Radioscapes

Radioscapes – Besseuil extract || 8400 kHz -> 30 kHz
Nicolas Montgermont
Radioscape is a visual adaptation of the eponymous record produced within Art Kill Art label in 2017.
Radioscapes are two sound pieces that propose to listen to complete radio landscapes. The nearly complete radio spectrum has been recorded methodically during weeks and assembled into one sound in two different locations: Malakoff, next to the Parisian ring and Besseuil in an isolated farm.
Listening to these pieces is going through 3GHz to 30 kHz, passing by wifi, cellphones, satellites, radios broadcasts, military coms, and natural waves, all of these composed by their occupied position in the radio spectrum.
This video is an extract of the B side recorded in Le Lieu Dit, Besseuil, France in April 2015.
Electromagnetic context:
. Isolated farm in rural area
. 500 m from a high speed train track
. 10 km from an aeronautical reporting point

3 GHZから30 KHZまでのラジオ・レコーディング
SIDE A. Malakoff – 48°49’13 “N 02°18’37” E
サイドB B.ベスユイ – 46°33’32 “N 04°39’19” E
。エッフェル塔のエミッタから4 km
Bは、2015年4月にフランス、Besseuil、Le Lieu Ditに録音
。航空機の報告ポイントから10 km
Radioscapesは、既存の人工および自然信号の探査で、レコードが回転するにつれて、周波数が次々に変化し、ボタンがゆっくりと回転する:Wi-Fi波、携帯電話、天文学で観測される水素線、衛星交換、軍事および航空通信、FM AMラジオ、雷雨の干渉…

Nicolas Montgermontの最新作「Axis Mvndi」という作品は、宇宙のスケールで形を描くための宇宙で電波を送る装置で、アンテナの位置と放射時間を演奏することによって、古代の宇宙論的モデルは空間に実現され、無限の動きで自律的な形になる。 Axis Mvndiは、決して受信されない波の放送を通じて電磁波の使用に関する理論的かつ芸術的な変化を提案している。それは、より高い特異性のために使用され光速で移動します。描かれた形は、バビロニア星座、ヒンズー教の宇宙卵の海、ギリシャの結晶球またはケプラーの多面体など古代と中世の間で想像された宇宙の表象に対応する。 このプロジェクトでは、インスタレーションの形を取って動きの大きなアンテナ、録音された演奏、放送されたすべての波をリアルタイムで視覚化できるWebプラットフォームを採用している。

Nicolas Montgermont
Radioscapes // B – Besseuil Extract // 8441 kHz – 30 kHz

Nicolas Montgermont ‎– Radioscapes
Art Kill Art ‎– AKA 14
Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM, Picture Disc, Special Edition
19 Jul 2017
Experimental, Rhythmic Noise, Noise
A Malakoff – 48°49’13″N 02°18’37″E 13:30
B Besseuil – 46°33’32″N 04°39’19″E 13:30
Concept – Cécile Beau, Nicolas Montgermont
Design – Jean-Baptiste Parré
Lacquer Cut – Flo Kaufmann
Mastered – Yann Leguay
Recorded, Programmed – Nicolas Montgermont
Text – Eric Chassefière
Translated – Harold Schellinx
Radioscapes is a record that invites the listener to discover the electromagnetic landscapes that surround us.
The two sides of the vinyl propose to listen and to observe two very different radio contexts: the Paris ring road (Side A) and an isolated farm in the French countryside (Side B). In each location, the whole radio spectrum was methodically recorded during a period of two weeks and then transcribed into a single audio track. On each side, an image representing the levels of the received frequencies is printed under the groove in synchronization with the sound.
Radioscapes is an exploration of existing artificial and natural signals. As the record rotates, the frequencies follow one another, as on a radio where the button would be slowly turned: one successively travels across Wi-Fi waves, mobile phones, hydrogen lines observed in astronomy, satellites exchanges, military and aeronautical communications, FM and AM radios, and thunderstorm residues …
The record is accompanied by a silk-screened booklet that brings together a text by astrophysicist Eric Chassefière detailing the physical properties of radio waves and their implementation in radio astronomy and the protocol used to carry out the recording of waves.
A – Recorded in Uchronies, Malakoff, France in August 2015
Electromagnetic context:
. Dense urban area
. 300 m from the Paris ring
. 4 km from the Eiffel tower emitter
B – Recorded in Le Lieu Dit, Besseuil, France in April 2015.
Electromagnetic context:
. Isolated farm in rural area
. 500 m from a high speed train track
. 10 km from an aeronautical reporting point

Nicolas Montgermont:

Nicolas Montgermont explores the physicality of waves in different forms. He is interested in the reality of waves in space, the way they move and change, the links between a source and our perception, by designing setups that create a sensitive exploration of their poetic essence. He works with sound waves mainly through the vibration of materials and their propagation, natural and artificial electromagnetic waves in the form of radio landscapes, gravitational and sidereal energies through the double prism astronomy / astrology.
He creates installations, often in collaboration with Cécile Beau and formerly in the Art of Failure collective, in which time is of particular importance and allows an intimate appropriation of these materials and energies, he is also active in the audiovisual performance field with chdh and in the experimental music with BCK and Yi King Operators. He has published several editions on Art Kill Art. His projects are shown in many art centers and festival in Europe and elsewhere (Club Transmediale, Elektra, MusikProtokoll, Fondation Vasarely, Palais de Tokyo, WRO, iMAL, PixelACHE, …)

Art Kill Art:
Artkillart is a label based in Paris and Berlin, created in 2007 by RYBN, Thomas Pigache and Clément Lyonnet. Its purpose is to promote experimental audiovisual and sound art. In reaction to dematerialized music, the artists of the label refocus on material objects. They are invited to conceptualize and design an object exploring the quality, the complexity and the limits of different media (including the dvd, cd and vinyl) and conceived as an experience both for the artist and the audience.
ARTKILLART 85, Rue Myrha 75018 Paris France
contact: artkillart [at]