Andrea Belfi ‎– Alveare
Danny Clay ‎– Stills

Matthias Heiderich + Andrea Belfi = Alveare (IIKKI 002)
complete preview from the fine art book “Alveare”
Photography : Matthias Heiderich
Music : Andrea Belfi (mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi)
preview soundtrack (excerpt) : A1 : vano + B1 : Abito
(ps : please watch and listen it with some decent headphones)
“Alveare is a journey across and around man-made cement beehives – the legacy of a group of visionary architects. Their playground: post-war Italy. Their vision: affordable dwelling designed to meet as many human needs as possible. A superficial look at these architectural reveries decades later might bring to mind terms such as “excessiveness” and “megalomania”. But these massive edifices are prototypes of a city of the future – an urbanized future that was yet to be shaped by bold ideas and dreams. Meandering across the endless corridors of Nuovo Corviale or Rozzol Melara is like a surrealist hike through the realities of thousands of inhabitants of a beehive. And although the walls are made from rigid concrete, they have an organic feel to them. Facades move, shapes shift. Human demands are stronger than concrete and nature will always find a way. Alveare is a look at drawing board visions cast into concrete and their human adjustments.”
“Matthias Heiderich”
more infos + photos here :

French edition project focused on some dialogs between visuals artists and music artists which work as series with 3 publishing by year dispatched in 2 physical imprints : a vinyl and a fine art book.

ジャケットにみられるMatthias Heiderichの建築写真はドイツの伝統の影響が遍在している。 Bechers、Heiderichはまた、産業の建物や構造の類型を作成するが人間の姿には興味がないのだが、それに反してそれぞれの写真は人間性に満ちており、建物が人間の心と技能の産物であることを強調している。 “Gwen Lafage(グウェン・ラファージュ)”
「Alveare」は戦後イタリアの先進的な建築家のグループの遺産で、その遊び場、ヴィジョンは人間のニーズに対応できるように設計された手頃な価格の住居。これらの大規模なedificesは未来の都市のプロトタイプで、まだ大胆なアイデアや夢によって形作られていない都市化された未来。 “Matthias Heiderich(マティアス・ハイデリッヒ)”

Die SchachtelのZeitコンポーザーシリーズに登場したり、BoltのPopulistaシリーズからも出したり、またDavid Maranhaとの共演作を、そしてHapna、Room40をはじめ数多くのレーベルから作品をリリースしている幅広い活動を行ってきたイタリアのドラマー/コンポーザーAndrea Belfi。フランスの新レーベルIIKKIから発表した2017年LPタイトル[Alveare]。
2014年にMiasmahレーベルからフルアルバムAndrea Belfi : Natura Morta [CD]がリリースされている。

Andrea Belfi – Alveare (album preview)

Andrea Belfi:
Italian drummer, percussionist and composer, born in 1979.

Andrea Belfi ‎– Alveare
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
23 Jan 2017
Abstract, Ambient, Experimental
A1 Vano 7:38
A2 Statico 3:32
A3 Grigio 9:24
B1 Abito 5:20
B2 Passo 8:34
Composed By, Recorded – Andrea Belfi
Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer – Andrea Belfi
Cello – Audrey Chen
Rotating Speakers – Attila Faravelli
Mastered – Giuseppe Ielasi
Producer – Mathias Van Eecloo
Artwork – Matthias Heiderich
Design – Sprflxgrfzm
All tracks played and composed by Andrea Belfi on drums, percussion and synthesizer between 2007 and 2016.
Audrey Chen: cello on “grigio”
Attila Faravelli: rotating speakers on “abito”
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi in September 2016
Alveare is the result of a dialog between the artist Matthias Heiderich and the music artist Andrea Belfi initiated by IIKKI, between February 2016 and October 2016.
The complete project works in two physical imprints : the book and the vinyl.
it should be appreciated in different manners : the book watched alone, the vinyl listened to alone, the book and the vinyl watched and listened to together.
IIKKI 2017

Katrien De Blauwer + Danny Clay = Stills (IIKKI 001)
Preview from the Fine Art Book : “Stills”
Photography : Katrien De Blauwer
Music : Danny Clay (mastered by Taylor Deupree)
preview soundtrack : track 03 : 6.12.2015 (I) + track 06 : 06 10.15.2015 (II)

Danny Clay:
Danny Clay is a composer and sound artist from Ohio, now based in San Francisco, drawing upon elements of American folklore, genealogy, art education, children’s theater, improvisation, digital media and everything in between to make music. He has recorded some works on Heat Death Records, Audio Gourmet, Somehow Recordings and more.

Stillsの音楽は最小限の電子アンビエントで構成されたもので、シューベルト作品の最初のいくつかの小節のクレイの操作と、それをアルバムの価値ある音楽に引き伸ばそうとする試みで作られた。個人的な記憶の実験であり、無限のものを無限に見つけることができ、演奏時の音に蒸留の層を追加するために音を操作している。それはテープヒスノイズの音で混雑しており、音を聴くという物理的な行為に歴史的感覚を与え時代を超越している。Katrien De Blauwerのアートワークは作品と交差し、本の彼女のフォトコラージュは、白い枠で囲まれていて、テープヒスのすべてのざらざらしたエッジのように、その非対称的な写真は、その人の顔を隠し、ほとんど身体の一部に集中している・・

Danny Clay – Stills (album preview)

Danny Clay ‎– Stills
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
19 Sep 2016
Ambient, Experimental, Modern Classical, Minimal
A1 5.12.2016 1:47
A2 10.15.2015 (I) 6:03
A3 6.12.2015 (I) 2:28
A4 3.16.2016 4:28
A5 6.12.2015 (II) 0:40
A6 10.15.2015 (II) 5:02
B1 10.30.2015 (I) 3:46
B2 5.24.2016 4:55
B3 6.12.2015 (III) 2:23
B4 3.15.2016 3:28
B5 6.12.2015 (IV) 0:38
B6 10.30.2015 (II) 5:19
Composed, Recorded – Danny Clay
Piano, Voice, Harmonium, Viola – Danny Clay
Viola – Paula Karolak
Mastered – Taylor Deupree
Producer – Mathias Van Eecloo
Artwork – Katrien De Blauwer
Design – Sprflxgrfzm
recorded in : 2015-2016, San Francisco, CA
Stills is the result of a dialog between the artist Katrien De Blauwer and the music artist Danny Clay initiated by IIKKI, between February 2016 and June 2016.
The complete project works in two physical imprints : the book and the vinyl.
it should be appreciated in different manners : the book watched alone, the vinyl listened to alone, the book and the vinyl watched and listened to together.
IIKKI 2016