The New Movement ‎– Zielvorgabe Ohne Zweckbestimmung

The New Movement ‎– Zielvorgabe Ohne Zweckbestimmung

Marcel Duchamp、Luigi Russolo、The New Blockadersのような反抗主義者にインスパイアされたグループは、ノスタルジックな感情を持つ新しい形の反芸術を創造する意図が浮き彫りになったが、 彼らが新運動の名前で何かを記録する前でさえすでに「何の哲学もなし」に移行。 彼らの宣言でTNMは、「何の哲学もない」ためにすべてを拒否して破壊し、無意味であるという「根拠」を立証している。

The New Movement and Bookwar ‎– Antipati

Pascal Media Lab
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The New Movement :
Inspired by anti-‘artists’ like Marcel Duchamp, Luigi Russolo and The New Blockaders the group emerged from the intention to create a new form of anti-art with a nostalgic feeling but soon moved further into the ‘philosophy of nothing’ and they wrote the manifesto ‘X’ even before they ever recorded something in the name of The New Movement. With their manifesto TNM ‘stand their ground’ to reject and destroy everything for their ‘philosophy of nothing’ and to be pointless as their weapon of choice.
Excerpt from manifesto ‘X’:
‘…There is a world out there ready to be destroyed… This is why we reject the living and resurrect the dead!’
NOTE: DO NOT ADD ANY MEMBERS TO THIS GROUP. All other artists who are ‘members’ of TNM for a particular release should be listed in the Extra Artist field on the release.

The New Movement ‎– Zielvorgabe Ohne Zweckbestimmung
Not On Label (The New Movement (2) Self-released) ‎– TNM-P1
CDr, Album, Club Edition, Promo
01 Jul 2017
Abstract, Noise
1 Untitled 76:59
2 Untitled 1:32
Copyright (c) – TNM
Phonographic Copyright (p) – TNM
Club/Promo Edition strictly for TNM patrons (NOT FOR SALE!)
White cardboard sleeve with original artwork, all is unique.
Printed CDr with paint additions.
Durations are not mentioned on release notes.
Standard jewelcase with paint additions and clear tray incl. a handmade original artwork (booklet, tray art, label art),
the artwork was used for the standard edition with printed artwork: The New Movement (2) – Zielvorgabe Ohne Zweckbestimmung
NB: This version is not playable in a conventional way.
From release:
‘Special thanks to Kommissar Hjuler’