Shit And Shine ‎– Some People Really Know How To LIve

Shit And Shine ‎– Some People Really Know How To Live

いま、Demdike Stare-Cosmogonyの動きに象徴されるように、先端はINA GRMだといえば、バカみたいにミュージック・コンクレートや古い現代音楽だけを聴く無知な音楽ファンをぼくは信じてない ( INA GRMの古い音源にもダサすぎて聴くに堪えないものも多い ) 。クラブミュージックのMumdance & LogosやShapednoiseのDifferent Circlesなどの異形ダンスミュージックの表出があったからこそ、INA GRMの音楽に繋がったこと、忘れては、事実を履き違えることになるし、結局そうしたリスナーは先端音楽の本質を理解していない、といえる。断言すればShit And Shine ‎の異形ダンスミュージックこそコンテンポラリー・ミュージックなんだ。

Editions Mego
Shit and Shine ‘Notified’ (EMEGO 238)

Even among listeners whom already have demonstrably “open-minds” when it comes to experimental music, the recorded output of Texas-born, London-based noise mangler Craig Clouse can be a little…divisive. Gone are the days in which Clouse’s Shit and Shine project simply enthralled us with manic, noise-rock songs that suddenly made “Tom” your explicable favorite first name; because recently, he’s been mining a new vein of mutated dance tracks (albeit still percussion-addled ones). Listen to the 2015 release Everybody’s a Fuckin Expert, for instance, and it still sounds like “drums” are the centerpiece from which all things originate (like some ineffable Abrahamic God…or a street performer who’s, like, super good at juggling), but orbiting that cosmic centerpierce are chaotic satellites of minimalist electronics. Two years later, what new, unholy mutations can we expect from the shape-shifting likes of Shit and Shine? (You are asking this, yeeeeees?!?)

For your answer, please acquaint yourself with Shit and Shine’s newest — and perhaps least readily-apprehend-able — release on Editions Mego, Some People Really Know How To Live, which just came out on vinyl and via digital download. Judging by the album’s first two genuinely batshit singles, Clouse’s latest experiments are out there to an extent that the even the word “danceable” appears only in the blurry, darkened distance, shrouded by bushes. But don’t take my word for it. Plunge off the deep and and listen to the tracks “Notified” and “Blick Von Der Berg” below. Then, one you’re out there, snag the whole album right over here.

Typically twisted shock out system shakers from Shit & Shine for Editions Mego, continuing a busy year that has seen $&$ already drop brilliant LPs for Gang Of Ducks and Diagonal.
Moving further away from his percussive led early work as a more conventional band, Shit & Shine’s second Mego album finds him experimenting further with the rubbery laptop bounce of the EVOL end of Mego’s brand of electronica. Turning up the bass to the maxxx Some People Really Know How to Live is in many ways Mego’s rave record, from the Sleaford Mods gone glitch of Lil Wannabe Gangsta through the Powell/Not Waving-esq new beat rumble of South Padre Low Life. The dance-floor dwellers will find much to feast on here.

Shit And Shine:
Craig Clouse:
“Shit & Shine’s sidestep from percussion led bunny rabbit rock ensemble performance based glee to ultimate heavy fools of the sticky dancefloor remains one of the more inspiring turn around’s in recent years. With highly acclaimed releases on Editions Mego, Diagonal, Riot Season and others Shit & Shine have wasted no time clearing away the rubbish whilst cutting up their own path towards giddy bass heavy shape shifting dance mutations. Snapping the twigs of disco, hurling clouds of exquisite dissonance, mangling modulations, boiling beats, twisting tweaks… this is a crew that will throw anything at the wall, and you.” – Editions Mego
Member:Craig Clouse, Jeffrey Coffey, Nate Cross

Shit And Shine ‎– Some People Really Know How To LIve
Editions Mego ‎– eMEGO238
Vinyl, LP, Album
05 Sep 2017
Techno, Experimental
A1 Behind You Back
A2 Dish 2 Dish
A3 Lil Wannabe Gangsta
A4 Raining Horses
A5 South Padre Low Life
B1 Notified
B2 Man Bunny
B3 Blick Von Der Berg
B4 Girl Close Your Eyes
B5 The Crocodile
Recorded in Austin, Texas
Photography Coco Clouse
Design Stephen O’Malley

Shit and Shine ‘Blick von Berg’