Olaf Nicolai ‎– In The Woods There Is A Bird…

Olaf Nicolai ‎– In The Woods There Is A Bird…

ドイツ、ベルリンに拠点を置くOlaf Nicolaiは、政治的、文化的な批評から人間の知覚に至るまで、さまざまなテーマを取り上げている。繰り返される主題は、イタリアのルネサンス絵画における手のジェスチャーを描いた植物の並置と同様に、混合メディアの彫刻やイメージを通して探求された人間の文化とデザインによる自然の美的占有。 「フォーム、気分、態度、スタイルに関する質問は、表面との遊びだけではありません」とニコライ。
Bell TowersやTambienのリリースでも注目を集めるミュンヘンのレーベルPublic Possessionからリリースしたアルバム’In The Woods There Is A Bird…’は、ドキュメンタリー14のラジオ番組の為に制作された音源で、世界中のラジオ局でもともと録音されたデモ、ストライキの集会、暴動などの背景音をソースとして使用されラジオレポートから抽出されたアーカイブサウンド素材に基づいている。フィールド・レコーディングやサウンド・コラージュなどで構成された「アンビエンス」からなるサウンドトラック。Olaf Benderは、この作品によって新しいコンテンツや新しい関連付けを生成している。


Olaf Nicolai at the 8th Berlin Biennale
Berlin BiennalePRO
Conversation with artist Olaf Nicolai about his work “Szondi/Eden” at the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. “Szondi/Eden” is on display at Museen Dahlem from May 28 – August 3, 2014.
Direction/Camera/Editing: Mary Zweifel
Second Camera/Support: Lidia Rossner
The video is produced as part of DIALOGUES, a workshop of the M.A. in Visual and Media Anthropology Program at Free University in Berlin, in co-operation with the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art; conception and supervision by Lidia Rossner.

Olaf Nicolai / BIOGRAPHY
Considered one of Germany’s leading artists, Olaf Nicolai takes on a range of conceptual themes, from political and cultural critiques to inquiries into human perception. A recurring subject is the aesthetic appropriation of nature by human culture and design, explored through mixed-media sculptures and images, as in his juxtaposition of plant forms with depictions of hand gestures in Italian Renaissance paintings. “Questions of form, moods, attitudes, and style are not just vain play with surfaces,” Nicolai has said. “They are questions of organizational forms of activities.” In his recent work Escalier du Chant (Staircase of Song) (2011), Nicolai took over the sweeping staircase of Munich’s modern art museum, Pinakothek der Moderne, for one Sunday of each month in 2011. Throughout the day, performers would sing the songs of 12 international contemporary composers—which addressed political issues that took place throughout that year—creating a new aesthetic context for the year’s political events.
German, b. 1962, Halle/Saale, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany


Public Possession:
Label and shop based in Munich, Germany.

Olaf Nicolai ‎– In The Woods There Is A Bird…
Public Possession ‎– PP024
Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM
Sound Art
A Untitled
B Untitled
Sound Production / Arrangements: Olaf Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider
Sound Editing / Mixing: Frank Bretschneider
Vinyl and book edition. Sound piece commissioned by documenta14. Leporello book published by Koenig Books London.
An ongoing sound and publication project by Olaf Nicolai, published as a contribution to documenta14.
This is the standard edition. But also available as a special editions including the complementary artist book published by Koenig Books London.

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