Vit et travaille à Leicester (UK).
Virginie est une compositrice de musique acousmatique et une artiste plasticienne. Depuis 2008, sa pratique artistique gravite autour de la photographie, la video, les installations audiovisuelles, et la composition électroacoustique. En 2008, elle obtient un Master en communication visuelle à l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Caen (FR). En 2014, elle obtient un Master en Composition électroacoustique au Conservatoire Royal de Mons (Arts au Carré) en Belgique. Aujourd’hui la musique occupe une place centrale dans son travail. En effet, depuis 2014, elle poursuit un doctorat en composition électroacoustique à De Montfort University, à Leicester (Royaume-Uni). Sa recherche interroge les relations entre forme musicale et arts visuels. Elle est membre du collectif Séneçon, basé à Bruxelles. Ses œuvres ont été jouées en Europe, Canada, Mexique, Etats-Unis et Australie. Elle a collaboré avec des artistes en France et en Belgique. En juin dernier, elle a achevé une résidence de composition, invitée par Robert Normandeau et la Faculté de Musique de l’Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada. Cet automne, elle sera en résidence à I’université Ionienne située à Corfou, Grèce afin de poursuivre une partie de sa recherche ( avec le soutien d’Eramsus+). Elle y compose une pièce acousmatique.

English :
She is based in Leicester (UK).
Virginie is an electroacoustic composer. She started her artistic carreer as visual artist, practicing photography and video and creating audiovisual installations. In 2008, she obtains a MA in visual communication at L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Caen (FR). In 2014, she obtains a MA in acousmatic and electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire Royal (Arts au Carré) de Mons in Belgium. Since 2014, she is a researcher at De Montfort University in Leicester (UK). Her research investigates the relationships between acousmatic composition and visual acomposition. She is part of Séneçon, a collective of composers based in Brussels. She has collaborated with various artists and composers on audiovisual projects in Europe. Her acousmatic pieces have been played in Europe, North America and Australia. Last June, she was composer in residence at the Université de Montréal (Canada), following an invitation of Robert Normandeau. She composed Uni-vers(e) a dome piece and its stereo version. This Autumn, she is pursuing a part of her research at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece. She is supported by Erasmus+.

KISS2016: Carla’s Carousel, Brian Belet & Virginie Viel
Symbolic SoundPRO
Our collaboration is modeled on the Cage-Cunningham design. Following email discussions during this past summer, we finally met in person during the pre-symposium days earlier this week. Our unifying link is the cyclical metaphor of the carousel.
We started with sound sources that resonate with us individually, for whatever reason. Virginie chose sound recordings of percussion, horses, metal and water. Brian chose acoustic double bass and piano sounds that he previously performed, as well as human voice and sea lion utterings that he previously recorded, all source material from earlier compositions. In addition, he adds live voice and electric bass sounds during the performance. Two iPads and an electric bass are used as control interfaces for the real-time Kyma processing spatialized in 8-channels.
This improvised soundscape is designed to cross as many boundaries as possible, in part due to our decision to ignore these boundaries and their enclosed ‘–isms’ from the start. Is this music synthesized, concrète, or live? Is it Old School or avant-garde? Is it innovative? Is it socially relevant? Is it real? We can answer ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to any and all of these aesthetic questions. This brings us back to John Cage, as we simply accept whatever emerges, embracing the surprise of unexpected sounds and their behaviors in this space, enjoying the resultant soundscape for what it is while it evolves and swirls around us. We hope to create, for a short time, a new sonic world that invites us to view our source sounds from another perspective, and in the process change (in some way) as musicians and as people. Like creating a sand mandala, we dedicate ourselves to the careful construction of this time sculpture, and then we walk away and let the silence reclaim the alternating air pressure waves.

Small Drone/Ambient label from Rostov-on-Don.Russia.
This is what Observatory Records became after releasing [013] Adriva – “Equites Mini”.
Independent label from Rostov on Don.
Was founded and designed by Denis Shapovalov in 2004-2005.
Some of our preferences:
in progress

Observatoire ‎– m e 064
CD, Album, Numbered
Abstract, Drone, Experimental, Musique Concrète
1 Nuage Noir, 2014 14:49
2 Liberté chérie, 2014 12:10
3 I belong to the sea, initially composed for 8 channels, 2015 Stereo version 11:00
4 Nyx (Νύξ) – acousmatic music – stereo – 2015 10:34
5 Danse macabre – acousmatic music – stereo – 2016 8:37
6 Uni-vers(e) – acousmatic music –initially composed for a dome of speakers (32 channels) – 2016 stereo version 10:12
modern electroacoustics obs 2017