DZAR ‎– B.O.W (behaviour of waves)

DZAR ‎– B.O.W (behaviour of waves)

Asymmetry Symptom, a French platform focused on experimental arts, including the creation of audiovisual works, performances and installations. In the digital age of information overload with millions of exchanges happening every second, minimalism is what separates Asymmetry Symptom from others. As a sound engineer and electronic musician, Damien Zala, shares a common passion for minimalism with architectural designer, Canelle Le Gal.
Looking for something pure, efficient, raw and simple, they joined forces to run the structure of the platform. Working with various artists, chosen because of their modern numeric capabilities and interactions among different disciplines; they release media such as vinyls, video and graphic design.

Asymmetry Symptom
AS 002 Dzar B.O.W (Out June 9 on vinyl, June 30 on digital)

Asymmetry Symptom / soundcloud

Asymmetry Symptom presents his second release after Orbis Ep, DZAR return on his own imprint with a darker and more experimental project across Techno, EDM and minimalism. B.O.W (behaviour of waves) Ep is a subtil combinaison of ambient digital sound and analog element (Chez Emile)

DZAR ‎– B.O.W (behaviour of waves)
asymmetry symptom ‎– as002
Vinyl, 12″
06 Jun 2017
Experimental, Techno, Minimal, Noise, Glitch
A1 Between Two Worlds
B1 The False Mirror
B2 Binary System
DZAR:Damien Zala
artwork: canelle le gal
logo design: nicolas guillerminet
mastering: conor dalton-cali×berlin
distribution: chez emile