Diatribes ‎– Sistere

Diatribes ‎– Sistere

明らかな意味や外部環境への言及を欠いている明晰な記号は、音楽が何度も何度も意識の中に浮かんでいることを指摘する。音のレイヤーは複雑で徐々に織り込まれていて、最終的には消えて、毎日の現実に戻ってしまいます。聴覚的な地図作成と様々な時空間の文脈(共鳴、振動、残響)における録音プロセスの調停は、ジュネーブの音楽家D’inciseとCyril BondiのデュオであるSistereの主な要素です( Diatribes: Floating On a Sonic Carpet By Lucia Udvardyova / 2017 VEREIN NORIENT, Lorrainestrasse 19, 3013 Bern, Switzerland)

こうした催眠療法の状態、包括的な共同儀式、禅のようなマントラ、知覚の投影のための音の壁に導く真正な反復電気音響録音での、いわゆるニューエイジ的なシャーマニック音楽はジャズ的なるものに裏切られてから、いまもずっと敬遠し続けてきている。ただ中東欧の新たな地下シーンの記録を調べるための、その資料の一端として聴いているだけに過ぎない。Cyril Bondiとd’inciseによるデュオの“Sistere” は2曲のフロアー・トム、バスドラム、スネアなどによるパーカッション・ミュージックのライヴ録音をコンパイル、

Diatribes, the Geneva based duo, continues his exploration of simplification and rational rituality, and presents a couple of new pieces tighted together by strict sonic or structural principles. Highly detailed textures, repeated gestures, soft tones, febrile pulses and acoustic hyper-sensibility, pushing one step ahead the ideas they’ve exposed in their previous album “Augustus”.
The duo, two improvisors working as complementarity since 2004, after a voracious youth exploring free jazz, noise, musique concrête and free improv, and many collaborations with international musicians such as Magda Mayas, Bertrand Gauguet, Robin Hayward, Dominic Lash, Partick Farmer, Derek Shirley and Hannah Marshall, Barry Guy, Keith Rowe, amongst others, has chosen to focus on a rather introverted process of creation. During the past year they have inte! nsely toured across Europe and beyond. (archive here).
Cyril Bondi and d’incise are both very active in the Swiss experimental scene, leading the Insub Meta Orchestra, a very large ensemble, and created in the INSUB. label, netlabel & association (since 2006, as Insubordinations). Their unstoppable energy led them to build a strong network around these activities. They have other bands together, including Queixas (with Abdul Moimême) and a subbass quartet (with Derek Shirley and Dragos Tara), and other occasional collaborations.
Cyril plays solo and with the post-jazz trio Plaistow and d’incise plays solo, works on electro-acoustic set-ups and compositions, and does graphic designs.


Diatribes ‎– Sistere
mappa ‎– MAP06
Cassette, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered
15 Mar 2017
Experimental, Abstract
A Tabi-tabi 22:27
B Utsara-utsara 24:01
Artwork, Design [Design And Handwork] – Jakub Juhás, Katarína Škamlová, Zoltán Czakó
Cymbal, Electronics [Background] – D’incise (tracks: B)
Percussion [Floortom], Bass Drum, Snare [Snare Drum] – Cyril Bondi (tracks: B)
Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By – D’incise
Shaker [Shakers], Bells – Cyril Bondi (tracks: A)
Shaker [Shakers], Bells, Electronics [Background] – D’incise (tracks: A)
Both recordings are outcome of the bedroom session with possibilities of geometrically precise mathematical repetition of hand woven Persian carpets. The work of duo Diatribes brightened the tribal, irrational sound situation through the logic of clearly picked formulations, patterns and variations. Ideally and logically clearly chosen steps on the way into the unique sound universe.
„It’s about the fact that tour music is very repetitive, like some ritual music, creating sense of loosing time for example, but in the other hand it is very rational and conceptual, and the formal aspect is just a technic to make more things, more small details, audible.“
MAPPA 2017