Trans Industrial Assembly | LUSSURIA–STANDSTILL

Trans Industrial Assembly

Trans Industrial Assembly
Hospital productionsは、Trans Industrial Assemblyのバナーの下、3種類の限定版のボックスセット(それぞれ8本のテープ)をリリースする。 ” Max Gudmunson ” と ” Lussuria ” と ” ÂmesSanglantes ” の3作。こうした作品もニッポンの流通ルートに乗らないで、輸入リストや店頭でも見かけなくなり入手困難になっていくのだろうか・・・


Lussuria – Acanthus Leaves, Of Rage And Denial, Lashes

Boomkat Product Review:
One of Hospital Productions’ key players commits a staggering corpus of new, unreleased work to the label’s 20th anniversary festivities with Standstill, adding to his illustrious string of label highlights from the last five years such as American Babylon [2012] and Industriale Illuminato [2014]. By some distance the quietest, most contemplative character on the label, Lussuria’s exquisite atmospheric sensitivity and ritualistic patience is in full effect across this breathtaking boxset.
Where other, more orthodox noise makers on Hospital Productions are all about exothermic reaction and violence, Lussuria applies a sort of endothermic induction with the poised, relative stasis of Standstill working like a series of seductive glances caught in a well cut jewel, rather than any sort of staring match or outright violenze.
If pushed to pick any from this stunning run of new Hospital Productions, the 8-tape Standstill collection is definitely one that we’ll be devoting time to in the sanctity of our personal listening space for a long time to come.
Hugely recommended!

Lussuria :Jim Mroz

Lussuria ‎– Standstill
Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-479
8 × Cassette, Limited Edition, C30
10 May 2017
Dark Ambient, Ambient
Illusionary Chamber I
A1 Tree Of Marble 6:59 A2 Mirror Stage 7:08
B1 Aegri Somnia 7:36 B2 The Fourth Cardinal Weighted Down 8:04
Illusionary Chamber II
C1 Viaticum C2 Spear Dance C3 Companion Note
D1 Acanthus Leaves D2 Of Rage And Denial D3 Lashes
Illusionary Chamber III
E To Pale Shelter 14:24 F1 Slow Scorch 4:42
F2 Dust Will Blow 4:03 F3 Stolen Door 4:54
Illusionary Chamber IV
G1 Laughter Of The Heights 4:49 G2 Silent Replies Silent Questions 4:54 G3 Rosary Glide 4:53
H Natura Liberari I-III 13:36
Illusionary Chamber V
I1 Twilight Red 9:42 I2 Midnight Office 5:14 J1 Spiritual Bypass 4:24
J2 The Face Of Two 9:33
Illusionary Chamber VI
K Cliff In The Red Tidal Wave 14:55 L Your Voice To Arise As Incense 14:44
Illusionary Chamber VII
M1 Lambarene 6:19 M2 Archaic Revival 5:04 M3 Sitting Room 3:17
N1 The Waiting 4:52 N2 Postmortem Gaze 4:15 N3 In The Flashing Whites Of Eyes 4:19
Illusionary Chamber VIII
O1 Deconsecration 3:46 O2 Fogbound 9:09
P De Svarta Porten 14:07
Packaged in an oversize vinyl case with a digital download code included. Edition of 150.
“For the sculptor blindfolding the armature”