Trans Industrial Assembly | Dust Belt – Ecocannibalism

Trans Industrial Assembly
Dust Belt – Ecocannibalism

Dust Belt:
Max Gudmunson

Boomkat Product Review:
Hospital Productions weigh out 8 hours of incredible, eerie industrial electronics from Max Gudmunson’s Dust Belt, one of the more nuanced, atmospherically charged projects to emerge from under the label’s vast wings. Sitting through a good chunk of this late at night was an experience not too dissimilar to watching the first two episodes of new Twin Peaks in an isolated room – highly unsettling but tinged with nocturnal beauty.
Gudmonson has formerly appeared in a number of guises on Hospital as part of Virgin Spring, Virile Games, and K.P., the latter of whom also issued an 8-tape boxset in 2010. Committed to and For The Species Refusing To Consume, Dust Belt’s steeply immersive collection offers a working day’s worth of dark ambient flocking that will make the walls seem to melt and grow towards the listener when experienced under durational absorption.
There’s an other energy guiding Gudmunson’s hand here, offering him up as a cadaverous vessel channelling sensations from a next dimension, which he diffuses into a spectral tableaux of intermeshed field recordings and synth strokes revealed with a slow, keen sense of noirish mystery and visceral body-horror intrigue.
If you’re into anything from Deathprod to Lynch to SAWII, this one comes hugely recommended.

Dust Belt ‎– Ecocannibalism
Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-480
8 × Cassette, Limited Edition, C60
10 May 2017
Tape I
A1 Internal Frontier 5:36 A2 USA Necropolis 21:04 A3 Animal Optimism 4:56
B1 Green Void 11:17 B2 Enclave 6:19 B3 Production Of Entropy 14:27
Tape II
C1 Metropolitan Tissue 4:40 C2 Terrain Vague 4:47 C3 Surfaces Awaiting Development 7:03 C4 The Ritual Subject 10:08
D1 Indiscreet Leftovers 15:32 D2 Liminal Landscape 6:18 D3 The Mill At Night 4:59
Tape III
E1 No Growth Without Waste 7:24 E2 A Planned Emptiness 5:01 E3 USA Brownfields 8:45
E4 Silicon Prarie 6:39
F1 Composite Of Many Landscape Fragments 9:01 F2 Future Historic Park 5:47 F3 Inverted Species 12:13
Tape IV
G1 Atmospheric Forces 5:54 G2 Residues Of Metropolitan Machine 24:09
H1 Petrochemical Corridors 4:10 H2 Vinyl Chloride Tourism 4:06 H3 American Superfund City 3:29
H4 Myth Of The Postindustrial Landscape 14:11
Tape V
I Setbacks And Perimeters 32:33 J Waste Landscape Through Attrition 33:12
Tape VI
K1 Dumping Grounds 5:01 K2 Trace Amounts 4:27 K3 Flexible Industries 4:11
K4 Fluctuating Consumer Tastes 4:48 K5 Vacated 3:41 K6 Entropic Indicators 4:48
L1 Resultant Landscape 5:27 L2 At The Frontier 10:51 L3 Botanical Importance Of Industrial Habitats 6:42 L4 A Form Of Reclaimtion 5:44
Tape VII
M1 Moorland Paths 22:17 M2 Toxic Release Inventory Sites 7:53
N1 Inhabited Domain 11:35 N2 Internal Landscape Void 20:01
O1 Organic Unity 5:41 O2 Residual Pollution 6:55 O3 Derelict 13:00
P Anthropophagus In The City 25:38
Packaged in an oversize vinyl case with a digital download code included. Edition of 150.
“For the species refusing to consume”