Trans Industrial Assembly | Âmes Sanglantes ‎– Crackdown

Trans Industrial Assembly
Âmes Sanglantes ‎– Crackdown

“Marking their 20th anniversary year, Hospital Productions mete out a brutal package of “violent riot brut noise” by Quebecois artist Pierre-Marc Tremblay, aka Âmes Sanglantes and the mighty Contrepoison, among other titles. A regular fixture on the label this decade, Âmes effectively tops all of his previous work with the sore and and often overwhelming tract of new, previously unreleased material contained in Crackdown.
For those brave souls willing to submit to this grimoir of spellbinding noise expression, you will be rewarded in spades of of material, enough to sully a full working day or night spent in its company and effectively gird yourself for a potential summer of civil unrest.
Quite patently this set is not meant for the Hospital Productions dilettante or noise hypochondriac; Crackdown is uncompromising in its vision and remorseless after contact – an unflinching body of material awaiting undivided attention.”—Boomkat

Âmes Sanglantes:
Pierre-Marc Tremblay:
Born in the Canadian province of Quebec.
amessanglantes / InstagramÂmes-Sanglantes

Âmes Sanglantes ‎– Crackdown
Hospital Productions ‎– HOS-481
8 × Cassette, Limited Edition, C90
10 May 2017
CS #1
A Anonymity Of The Person B Unaware Of Their Behavior
CS #2
C The Watchful Eyes Crackdown D Avoid Individual Responsibility
CS #3
E1 Unreasonable Behavioral Patterns E2 Voir Les Inhibitions S’Effondrer E3 Basic Change In Existential Condition E4 Cartesian Rational Operation
F1 Corruption Of The Senses F2 External Provocation F3 System Of Emotional Intensity
CS #4
G Failure To Coexist
H1 Profond Et Nuisible A La Jeunesse H2 Archaic Shared Unconsciousness
CS #5
I1 Disturbance Against Authority I2 Regulation To Rule I3 Uncivilized In Nature
J1 Killing An Innocent Bystander J2 Primarily Drawn From The Cognitive Abilities J3 Inferred From Conduct
CS #6
K1 Dismissive And Punitive K2 Flag Draped Casket
L1 Long Standing Disappointments Galvanize Into Action L2 Restlessly Seeking New Outlets
CS #7
M1 Cascading Waves Of Civil Disorder M2 Overcome Usual Moral Scruples
N1 Tactics And Weapons N2 A Last Resort
CS #8
O The Rapture Of Police Forces (Dedicated To The Haters)
P1 Governed By The Same Laws P2 Dressed In Full Riot Gear P3 Severe Brutality During Arrest
P4 Architecture Of Conflict
Packaged in an oversize vinyl case with a digital download code included. Edition of 150.
“For the scales tipping off center”