Hallow Ground

Hallow Ground
S S S S ‎– Just Dead Stars for Dead Eyes
Electric Sewer Age ‎– Bad White Corpuscle
Reinier Van Houdt ‎– Paths Of The Errant Gaze

Hallow Ground:
HALLOW GROUND is a platform for Music and Art that leads to Visions.
It was established in Lucerne/Switzerland by a small group of individualists, idealists and first of all artists. They act as publishers, hosts and performers.

S S S S – Side B

S S S S ‎– Just Dead Stars for Dead Eyes
Hallow Ground ‎– HG1702
Vinyl, LP
24 Feb 2017
Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise
1 Side A 15:22
2 Side B 14:03
dedicated to richard james edwards
recorded & produced in summer 2015 at sudpoyl lucerne
original released on audio cassette by haunter records
mastered by lawrence english
all rights by the artist 2017
design by ruth stofer
S S S S, Just Dead Stars for Dead Eyes (Electronic Compositions and Fields) originally released on Haunter Records in 2015 as a cassette

S S S S:
Samuel Savenberg
Electronic music producer and DJ from Lucerne, Switzerland

Electric Sewer Age ‎|| Amber Corpuscle
Electric Sewer age-black corpuscle ruff video

Electric Sewer Age – Bad White Corpuscle

Electric Sewer Age ‎– Bad White Corpuscle
Hallow Ground ‎– HG1607
Vinyl, LP, Album
Switzerland / UK
Experimental, Dark Ambient
A1 Grey Corpuscle 3:56
A2 Corpuscular Corpuscle 5:11
A3 Amber Corpuscle 5:12
A4 Rising Corpuscle 8:40
B1 Bad White Corpuscle 6:27
B2 Redocine (Death Of The Corpuscle) 6:58
B3 Black Corpuscle 5:20
These songs were performed between 2006-2016
Love and respect to J. Deek and
P. Christopherson whose spirits inhabit these pieces.
Clement Boatwing III
All songs by Electric Sewer Age
Mastering by Gregg Janman Hermetic Mastering
Art Goodeggbadegg- by Ian Johnstone
Copyright (c) – Sir Clement Boatwing III
Design – Ruth Stofer

Electric Sewer Age:
Danny Hyde, Peter Christopherson


Danny Hyde:
Danny Hyde is an experimental musician and remix artist. Hyde has contributed to production and mixing on many Coil albums, including Horse Rotorvator, Love’s Secret Domain, The Remote Viewer, Black Antlers, and The New Backwards. Hyde has also worked with Psychic TV and Pop Will Eat Itself.Hyde participated in the creation of many remixes while working with Coil, including several for Nine Inch Nails that were released on Fixed, Closer To God and certified gold release Further Down the Spiral as well as the rerelease of quadruple-platinum album The Downward Spiral. His remix of Nine Inch Nails’ song “Closer” was featured in the film Seven.
Hyde’s solo effort, Aural Rage, features contributions by Coil members John Balance and Peter Christopherson.
Following the passing of John Balance and the subsequent end of Coil, Hyde assisted Christopherson with The Remote Viewer and Black Antlers reissues, Christopherson’s solo project The Threshold HouseBoys Choir and the initial work on Throbbing Gristle/X-TG’s cover of Nico’s Desertshore.
In 2010, Hyde contributed several remixes to Ektoise’s Remember Well EP before releasing an EP of his own the next year, Aural Rage’s Svay Pak.2012 saw the release of an EP by Electric Sewer Age, comprising recordings made with Peter Christopherson that were intended for release on Coil’s as yet unissued Moon’s Milk (In Four Phases) remaster

Peter Christopherson: Peter Martin Christopherson
:Writer, producer, video director, visual artist, renowned remixer, founding member of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, and long-time member of Coil.
He was born on 27 February 1955 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England and died 24 November 2010 in Thailand.
Peter was the youngest in a large family living in Wimbledon and later Durham. He went to school at Chorister School and Quaker co-ed boarding school at Ackworth. After complete his A levels in sciences, he attended State University of New York in Buffalo for one semester where he studied fiction writing, computer programming, theater design and video. He returned to London in the summer of 1974 and right away started working with the design team Hipgnosis. Starting off as a junior assistant, he later became a joint partner in Hipgnosis. After Hipgnosis ended in 1982, he became a full partner in Greenback Films along with Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell.
In March of 1974, Peter attended a performance by COUM Transmission and befriended Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti. The three hit it off immediately and by March 1975 Peter was performing with the group. In September 1975, the trio joined with Chris Carter and started Throbbing Gristle. When Throbbing Gristle ceased activity in 1981, Peter continued to work with Genesis in Psychic TV and the Temple Ov Psychick Youth. The relationship was not to last long though as Peter and his lover Geoff Ruston broke away from PTV and TOPY and concentrated their energies on Coil.

Atopic Radio

Reinier Van Houdt ‎– Paths Of The Errant Gaze
Hallow Ground ‎– HG1606
Vinyl, LP, Album
Oct 2016
A1 Atopic Radio 2:33
A2 The Fabric Of Loss 4:56
A3 Orphic Asylum 6:44
A4 Vessel 4:57
B1 Gaussian Veils 6:56
B2 Transfinite Spectre 10:15
B3 Vapours 1:52
All tracks composed, played and mixed by Reinier van Houdt
Cello – Simon Lenski (tracks: 3)
Drum Machine – Sascha Sulimma (tracks: 3)
Mastered – Roger Hofmann
Recorded – Susanne Fröhlich (tracks: 3)
Voice, Text – Paul Amlehn (tracks: 4, 5)
Artwork – Ruth Stofer