Dot Product ‎– 2080

Dot Product ‎– 2080

Dot Product – Electric Flesh [Osiris Music 047]
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Dot Product: 2080…
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Boomkat Product Review:
Chris Jarman (Kamikaze Space Programme) and Adam Winchester (Wedge) investigate beat-less concrete sound design on their 2nd album together as Dot Product for Osirirs Music UK.

Conceived by Bristol-based producers Adam Winchester and Chris Jarman, Dot Product is a project which draws upon considered lines of sonic investigation in search of heavy-load-bearing compositions that sport equal amounts of soundsystem pressure and abstract textures. This project is based around sounds derived from frequencies and anomalies commonly inaudible to the human ear.
From all manner of commonly discarded sound sources, Winchester and Jarman have sought out tones and frequencies and shaped them into sharp-edged, rough-hewn tracks that celebrate the eerie mood of industrial music without resorting to the hackneyed clang of sheet metal and machinery. The internal resonance found in the negative space of an object, or the invisible fog of electromagnetic radiation; all facets that play into this unique creative approach, which truly seeks to yield musicality out of that which was not previously detectable by human senses.

A year on from their self-titled debut, Bristol-based sound sculptors Dot Product are back with a follow-up that stays true to their experimental principles while offering up new textures and arrangements for their hard-won sonic content.
It’s been a busy year for Adam Winchester and Christopher Jarman, the pair behind the project. Following the release of Dot Product on Osiris Music in March 2016, they appeared at prestigious festivals such as Atonal and Simple Things. This spate of shows has fed back into 2080, a new body of work that feels distinct from its predecessor while retaining the unnerving, distorted finish that has come to define the Dot Product sound. It was largely created through studio-based improvisation as a natural response to the performance set up the duo had developed.
Rhythm plays a significant role in the early strains of 2080, whether triggering static blasts or stirring up low frequency tones into a seductive waltz, but as the album progresses these rhythms give way to anchorless drones, refined metallic shimmers and red-lining noise blasts. Even if such ingredients were present on the previous album, here they feel thrillingly out of reach. When occasional field recordings swoop into earshot as on Electric Flesh, it’s hard to tell whether they might be a real-world mechanical manifestation or a visceral shard of sound design.
Between the tonal lines lurks a narrative. Previously Dot Product concerned itself with a scientific approach, and such experimentation gave Winchester and Jarman the tools to define their venture. Now 2080 sees them applying these tools to a specific creative vision. That vision may be more implied than specified, but it’s provided this intriguing pair with their next logical step on a journey into uncharted sonic waters.

Dot Product ‎– 2080
Osiris Music UK ‎– OSMUK047LP
Vinyl, LP, Album
31 Mar 2017
Experimental, Abstract, Ambient
A1 Dawn 3:29
A2 Halcyon 5:20
A3 Time Slip 5:32
A4 Electric Flesh 7:17
B1 Reverie 5:21
B2 Catacomb 3:55
B3 Organs Without Bodies 4:16
B4 Planet For Transients 5:31
B5 Spasm 3:49
Written and produced by Adam Winchester and Christopher Jaman
Mastered by Simon Davey at The Exchange Vinyl
Distributed – Unearthed Sounds
Dot Product: Chris Jarman, Adam Winchester

Osiris Music
Dot Product – ‘2080’ – In Stores Now – OSMUK047LP
We are very pleased to present to you the second full length Album ‘2080’ from Adam Winchester & Christopher Jarman aka Dot Product.
‘PLEASE NOTE’ these are small clips taken from each of the tracks; we strongly advise listening to the album in it’s entirety upon release.