raster-noton // source book 1 – teaser
the publication »source book 1« represents the beginning of a comprehensive and authorized review of the past 20 years of the label raster-noton. a short introductory preface by olaf bender is followed by a keynote interview conducted by berlin publicist max dax that provides an insight into the identity and philosophy of the label heads. the main part of this first »source book« comprises the extensive catalog of all releases and series published between 1996 and 2016. tabular listings of various formats and products that were distributed or curated by raster-noton complete the catalog. a further exclusive part of the publication is the accompanying »archiv 4« CD, which is only available in connection with the book. raster-noton‘s »archiv« series was first introduced in december 2003 as a supplement to »the wire« magazine and has since been continued in loose sequence with different artists related to the label.

following the idea of the label which defines itself as a platform for its artists, the releases in the catalog part are not presented according to their format, invested effort or meaning, but sorted according to their catalog number and presented on exactly one double page, whereas some series were summarized.
as a continuation of this archival revision, further »source books« are planned that will document artist profiles, installations, composition techniques and sources of inspiration.

the »source book 1« is limited to 1.000 copies. its modular design allows to remove, exchange or add pages, which makes it possible to update the content in due time. a cardboard slipcase covers the 400-page, 3-kilo book and guarantees a safe stand in the bookshelf.

format: book + cd
release date: march 17, 2017
catalog no.: r-n175

video by licht pfad studio, berlin.

Raster-Notonの創立20周年を迎えての書籍とCDの出版 ” RASTER-NOTON SOURCE BOOK 1 ” 。Raster-Notonはミュージカル・プロジェクト、グラフィック出版物およびインスタレーションを制作するアーティストのためのプラットフォームで、このソース・ブック1は共同設立者のOlaf BenderのTextから始まり、レーベルのアイデンティティーと哲学についての洞察を提供するBerliner、Max Daxのインタビューが続く。カタログには、Raster-Notonのアーティストが署名したヴィニール、コンパクトディスク、ポスター、書籍、インスタレーションが時系列で表示され、ミニマルな美学が魅力的だ。Source Book 1にはArchivシリーズのコンパイルCDも収録されていて、イントロスペクションと遊び心のあるポップの間で変化するAlva Noto、Byetone、Frank Bretschneider、Kangding Ray、Emptyset、Senking、Grischa Lichtenberger、Kyoka、Robert Lippok、Uneo Masaaki、Anne-James Chatonなどレーベル傘下のアーティストたちのミニマリスト電子音楽の自由な実験的構成を含んでいる。ソースブック1は、3キロの重さで400ページあり、1.000部限定で、厚紙ケースに入っている。この書籍の出版は、ひとつの時代が完璧に終わったことを意味している。さて我々も2020年に向けてのアップデート・モダニズム宣言だ。

01 kangding ray – silver (pruitt igoe prototype)
02 emptyset – augur
03 grischa lichtenberger – 0514_01 re 0809_20 1 barrg b
04 alva noto – milan (for kostas murkudis)
05 anne-james chaton – nisansala
06 frank bretschneider – thermik
07 senking – lug
08 byetone – postpostrefabricated
09 atom™ – flimmern
10 robert lippok – textured
11 kyoka – side to side (live rec version)
12 ueno masaaki – building rain (prototype)

raster-noton.archiv für ton und nichtton (usually known as Raster-Noton) is an electronic music label based in Germany. It resulted from the fusion of two previous labels (Rastermusic and noton.archiv für ton und nichtton) in the last months 1999 after had been collaborating since 1996.
Raster-Noton has a sublabel named Kangaroo, which is reserved for releases by Ilpo Väisänen (of Pan Sonic fame).
Raster-Noton is the exclusive distributor of Ivan Pavlov’s label Wavetrap.
The Raster-Noton website also sells downloadable albums, many of which are available as above CD-quality 48khz WAVs.
R-N 66 (absent from the database) is the limited edition “Transall Collector’s Box” to house the Transall series (Transrapid, Transvision, Transspray and Transform). The boxes were made by hand, by German bookbinder Cornelia Ahnert.
Erzbergerstr. 1
09116 Chemnitz
Telefon: 0371 3540258
Telefax: 0371 3540259
E-Mail: info@raster-noton.net