N. ‎– Autofagia

N. ‎– Autofagia

N. – Untitled B
BlackBlack. AlwaysBlackBlack.
N. – N.
Label | Slaughter Productions, 1997 + Urashima, 2013
No copyright infringement intended.Copyright belongs to the Record Label/Company and the Artist.

1998年のSlaughter Productionsでの4xTapeリリースの再版。 ” N。 パワーエレクトロニクスのサウンドとコンセプトの最も邪悪な側面に専念したイタリアのプロジェクト。 N.は、無尽蔵の存在感を表現するために、最小の暴力的な音感を作り出している。
NとはNothing、Nihilism、 No、 Noiaを意味しそれがプロジェクトの美学である。2台の空のテープレコーダー、一方はもう一方に接続され、音源がなくてもテープレコーダー自体が再生/録音され、そして録音によって変調される。ボリュームノブ・・・Nの最新作は ” Sounds For Empty Rooms ” で、28 Aug 2016に同じイタリアのBeTonから手作りのCDR30copyで発表されている。
アルバム・コンセプトの ” オートファジー (Autophagy) ” とは、細胞が持っている、細胞内のタンパク質を分解するための仕組みの一つ。自食(じしょく)とも呼ばれる。酵母からヒトにいたるまでの真核生物に見られる機構であり、細胞内での異常なタンパク質の蓄積を防いだり、過剰にタンパク質合成したときや栄養環境が悪化したときにタンパク質のリサイクルを行ったり、細胞質内に侵入した病原微生物を排除することで生体の恒常性維持に関与している。このほか、個体発生の過程でのプログラム細胞死や、ハンチントン病などの疾患の発生、細胞のがん化抑制にも関与することが知られている。auto-はギリシャ語の「自分自身」を表す接頭語、phagyは「食べること」の意で、1963年にクリスチャン・ド・デューブにより定義された。

N.: Davide Tozzoli
From 1995 Power-Electronic and Death Industrial solo project with a recording debut on the legendary Slaughter Productions.
His name means what you prefer (Nothing, Nihilism, No, Noia…).

N. – Autofagia A
BlackBlack. AlwaysBlackBlack.
N. – Autofagia
Label | Slaughter Productions, 1998 + Urashima, 2014
No copyright infringement intended.Copyright belongs to the Record Label/Company and the Artist.

N. – Untitled

N. – Untitled (from Autofagia reissue 4LP Boxset)


N. ‎– Autofagia
BeTon ‎– 201607
4 × CDr, Limited Edition, Reissue
24 Nov 2016
Power Electronics, Noise, Industrial
01-1 Untitled 5:10 02-1 Untitled 2:46 03-1 Untitled 4:29
04-1 Untitled 3:04 05-1 Untitled 7:30 06-1 Untitled 2:01
07-1 Untitled 3:13 08-1 Untitled 3:55 09-1 Untitled 2:16
10-1 Untitled 4:49 11-1 Untitled 2:28 12-1 Untitled 4:31
01-2 Untitled 2:35 02-2 Untitled 3:29 03-2 Untitled 3:16
04-2 Untitled 2:22 05-2 Untitled 3:31 06-2 Untitled 4:55
07-2 Untitled 2:04 08-2 Untitled 3:59 09-2 Untitled 2:23
10-2 Untitled 4:42 11-2 Untitled 3:00 12-2 Untitled 3:09
13-2 Untitled 5:09
01-3 Untitled 1:50 02-3 Untitled 3:14 03-3 Untitled 4:17
04-3 Untitled 3:27 05-3 Untitled 4:16 06-3 Untitled 2:56
07-3 Untitled 1:42 08-3 Untitled 3:17 09-3 Untitled 1:58
10-3 Untitled 2:16 11-3 Untitled 3:29 12-3 Untitled 5:05
13-3 Untitled 4:50
01-4 Untitled 0:25 02-4 Untitled 1:49 03-4 Untitled 4:45
04-4 Untitled 2:39 05-4 Untitled 4:29 06-4 Untitled 4:26
07-4 Untitled 3:38 08-4 Untitled 7:12 09-4 Untitled 3:25
10-4 Untitled 3:48 11-4 Untitled 5:45
Composed By, Performer – N.
Artwork, Sleeve, Executive-Producer – Antonio Benini
Photography – Marco Corbelli
Reissue of the work of N. originally released by Slaughter Productions in 1998
The new edition is hosted inside a plastic container for documents, dimensions about 15×26 cm.
The plastic container can be of four different colors: blue, green, red or black.
On front of container there is a white plexiglas plate, dimensions 5×4 cm., with the name of author (N.).
The plastic container is closed with a black elastic.
Inside there are the inserts, organized like a rubric, divided in parts with small written and letters: Autofagia (black on white), A and U (yellow), T and O (red), F and A (green), G and I and A (blue), Autofagia (white on black), and N. (black on white).
The meaning of this rubric is that Autofagia (autophagy) is a process of self-destruction, disintegration, transformation, which assumes different stages, it starts from a normal position (the normal person… the written Autofagia white on black), and arrives in a total different positition (the person is transformed, and totally different… the written Autofagia black on white). Inside these positions there are disruptions and destructions, transformations, stages represented by different colors and letters.
Inside the folders of rubric there is the original picture, replicated many times in giant order 12x 21,5 cm., and printed in different colors in cardboard (300 grams). This collection of pictures starts from Autofagia complete black on white, followed by the same picture reworked in four colors and with hyphenation of the word Autofagia: AU on yellow, TO on red, FA on green, GIA on blue. The serie close with the complete Autofagia white on black, and the notes that reassembled the complete Autofagia with the different colors.
Between the various giant parts are the records, disc 1 is half yellow and half white, disc 2 is half red and half white, disc 3 is half green and half white, disc 4 is half blue and half white, the repetion of disruption, destruction, transformation. The sounds are intended like a part of disgregation and self-destruction, so another time the changes leading from yellow to blue, passing through red and green, but an half remains black on white, because the transfromation is gradual.
Inside the container there is also a replica of the original flyer added in the first tape edition made by the great Slaughter Productions. A way to remember the illuminating and great work and the great person that was Marco Corbelli (Atrax Morgue).
N.: Korg A5 multi-fx, feedback generated by Pioneer Deck CT400 & CT301, some digital loops
Recorded between 1997-1998
Remasterized and maximized at Digital Calvario Studio in January 2009
Original photo and flyer here reproduced: Marco Corbelli
Artwork, Sleeve design: Antonio Benini
Executive production: Antonio Benini
Infinite gratitude: Marco Corbelli
N.: http://www.boringnoise.com; d.tozzoli@libero.it
BeTon: lykaukas@yahoo.it
Limited edition 40 copies
c) N. 1998, 2016
p) BeTon 2016
BeTon 201607
BETON 2017