Mumdance & Logos ‎– Present Different Circles

Mumdance & Logos ‎– Present Different Circles


Mumdance & Logos Present Different Circles is a 51-minute mix from the two London-based producers’ fledgling label, and for the first third or so, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell if any other artists were involved. Mumdance’s frenetic “Bleep Stasis” slides down its lurching, glitchy coil into the swell of Airhead’s “Kazzt.” Then comes Mumdance’s remix of the track, folding the mix in on itself, followed by the label heads’ collaborative “FFS,” a hulking line of synths, whistles and claps that ends with a pitched-down moan, “Come on, maaaate.”
In effect, Mumdance and Logos have absorbed their label’s roster into a composed piece of music in its own right. Across 21 tracks, 13 of which are previously unreleased, Different Circles features the likes of Fis, Yamaneko, DJ Sinclair and Shapednoise, among others. After appearing on the 2014 compilation Weightless Volume 1, Inkke, Strict Face and Rabit return. They’re clustered together in the mix’s second half: Innke’s hiccupping video game synths are bound to the disrupted ambient of Yamaneko’s “Shadow Temple Early” and the noisy drone of Fis’s “Angels Of The Water Table.”
Different Circles moves from its signature “weightless” sound—sparing in its use of any one sustainable rhythm—to an almost tactile sense of space. The acceleration starts with a rare lull in the mix, from Mumdance & Logos’ “Cafe Del Mar” to Rabit’s “More Memories.” A tuneful echo of what sounds like the clipped notes of a hydraulophone blends with the distorted melody of Mumdance’s “Cirrus.” Strict Face’s “Python Crossing” doubles down on the harsher elements, serving as an almost imperceptible bridge into Mumdance, Logos & Rabit’s “Inside The Catacomb.” During that stretch, the inconsistent rhythms and sounds split and scatter, often fracturing again into alluring melody.
Skittering over a panting synth sweep, “Inside The Catacomb” combines beats, samples and FX that embody the overall sound Different Circles. With little interest in steady rhythms, Mumdance and Logos focus on textures, dissecting and recomposing dance music’s familiar sounds into warped reconstructions.
RA / Wed / 30 Nov 2016
Steph Kretowicz

Premiere: FiS – Angels Of The Water Table
Different Circles
Logos “Glass” (Shapednoise Remix)

Mumdance & Logos ‎– Present Different Circles
Different Circles ‎– DIFFLP001
CD, Partially Mixed
11 Nov 2016
Grime, Experimental
1 –Mumdance Bleep Stasis
2 –Airhead Kazzt
3 –Airhead Kazzt
Remix – Mumdance
4 –Mumdance & Logos FFS
5 –Logos Glass
6 –Mumdance Path Of The Seer
7 –Mumdance & Rabit Submerged Binary
8 –Mumdance & Logos Cafe Del Mar
9 –Rabit More Memories
10 –Mumdance Cirrus
11 –Strict Face Python Crossing
12 –Mumdance, Logos & Rabit Inside The Catacomb
13 –Inkke Pioneer
14 –Logos Glass (Boylan Devil Mix)
Remix – Boylan
15 –Inkke Love Song
16 –DJ Sinclair Bells (RPG Mix)
17 –Yamaneko Shadow Temple Early
18 –Shapednoise Deep Core Conciousness
19 –FIS Angels Of The Water Table
20 –Logos Glass
Remix – Shapednoise
21 –Sharp Veins Already Bones
DJ Mix – Logos , Mumdance
Massive Respect to The Originators
Doc Scott / Beltram / Haswell / Wiley / Enya
Shout Out All Different Circles Posse & Crew-Our Time
Mumdance and Logos present a special 21-track DJ mix of exclusive new music, dubplates and tracks from the Different Circles stable – including 13 unreleased tracks.