best album of 2016 | part III

best album of 2016 | part III

best album of 2016 | part I
best album of 2016 | part II

19 . Kassel Jaeger & Stephan Mathieu & Akira Rabelais ‎– Zauberberg
Shelter Press ‎– SP068
Vinyl, LP, Album
22 Feb 2016
Electronic, Non-Music
Field Recording, Experimental
A1 Zauberberg (Part 01)
B1 Zauberberg (Part 02)
Recorded at Studio 116, GRM, Paris, France. October 2013
Field recordings made on location at Schatzalp, Davos, Switzerland. August 2013
Image by Caro Mikalef
Gratitude: Bruno Letort, la famille Bouteille-Gaillet & Eleonore
Kassel Jaeger: François Bonnet

Kassel Jaeger / Stephan Mathieu / Akira Rabelais ‘Zauberberg’ (SP068)

20. Franck Vigroux ‎– Rapport Sur Le Désordre
D’Autres Cordes ‎– DAC1307
Vinyl, LP, Album
29 Sep 2016
Abstract, Rhythmic Noise
A1 Sun
A2 Simulacres
A3 Flesh
A4 Ruines
B1 Stadium
B2 Elastique
B3 Icone
B4 Aucun Lieu
Music, Electronics – Franck Vigroux
Design & Photographie –

Franck Vigroux | Rapport Sur Le Désordre [D’autres Cordes 2016]

21. Sam Kidel ‎– Disruptive Muzak
The Death Of Rave ‎– RAVE014
Vinyl, LP, Stereo
08 Apr 2016
Electronic, Non-Music
Ambient, Experimental, Musique Concrète, Field Recording, Sound Art, Technical
A Disruptive Muzak 20:44
B Disruptive Muzak (DIY) 20:44
Sam Kidel :
Entry for standard black vinyl version.
This piece came about during a research project into Muzak in 2015. The Muzak Corporation (recently rebranded as Mood Media) desings background music that can be used by businesses, factories, shopping centres or government offices to ensure that employees, clients and members of the puplic are upbeat and co-operative. Research by the Muzak Corporation found that Muzak must sound familiar, predictable, and non-disruptive to be effective.
Drawing from this research, I composed a series of pieces that I call Disruptive Muzak. These pieces share a similar sound palette to Muzak, but their structure is less familiar, less predictable and more disruptive. To test these compositions I called up government offices that use Muzak in their telephone queues and played them down the phone instead of my voice. The music I played and the officials’ responses were recorded and assembled into the piece that you hear on Side A. Side B contains the music only, that can be used to DIY.

Sam Kidel – Disruptive Muzak

22. Mica Levi & Oliver Coates ‎– Remain Calm
Slip ‎– SLP035
Vinyl, LP, Album, Clear
Cassette, Special Edition
26 Nov 2016
Electronic, Classical
Contemporary, Experimental
A1 Pre-Barok 1:57
A2 Bless Our Toes 2:32
A3 Dolphins Climb Onto Shore For The First Time 3:29
A4 Schoolhouse 0:42
A5 Dragon In The Mist 1:10
A6 I’ll Keep Going 3:45
B1 Xhill Stepping 3:35
B2 Fight In The Men’s Toilets 0:27
B3 Barok Main 3:12
B4 County H 1:27
B5 New Wren Kitch 2:37
B6 Say Goodbye To Everyone 0:35
B7 Mob Of Waters 2:20
Bonus Cassette
C1 Untitled
All music written, performed, and mixed by Mica Levi & Oliver Coates
Miva Levi: pioneer CDJ-2000s and DJM-900NXS mixer with USBs
Okiver Coates: Cello with DPA 4061 microphone into laptop running Ableton live software
Recorded – Erik Nyström
Mastered – Beau Thomas
Artwork – Leah Walker
Limited-edition clear vinyl pressing + Special edition bonus cassette bundle, sold at Bleep.
Cassette features ‘Remain Calm’ and bonus tracks by Oliver Coates & Mica Levi independently, with artwork by Leah Walker.
SLIP 2016

Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – ‘Dolphins Climb Onto Shore For The First Time’ [SLP035]

23. Mark Vernon ‎– Lend An Ear, Leave A Word
Kye ‎– KYE 44
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Sep 2016
A1 Mic Test #1
A2 Friction Lining
A3 Print-Through (May All Your Prayers Be Answered)
A4 Heavy Shedding
A5 Choiceless As A Beach
B1 Lend An Ear, Leave A Word
B2 Erratic Auto-Reverse
B3 Boca Do Inferno
B4 Cracked Shell (Tape Transplant)
B5 See You On The Other Side
Mark Vernon :
KEY 2016

Mark Vernon ‘Cracked Shell (Tape Transplant)’ (2016)