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Joyrex J9i
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Joyrex J9i is a single by Richard D. James under the alias Caustic Window. The release is a 10 inch vinyl and was limited to an edition of 300 copies. The title of this release is very similar to another Caustic Window release titled Joyrex J9ii.
Joyrex J9i is a limited edition picture disc, featuring a picture of a Roland TB-303 synthesizer on Side A, and a picture of a Roland TR-606 drum machine on Side B. Hand-etched just inside the run-out groove on Side A are the words “THE ACID THAT FELL TO EARTH.”
Both tracks were later re-released on the album Compilation.
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1.2 Side B
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Track listing[edit]
Side A[edit]
“Humanoid Must Not Escape” – 5:41
Side B[edit]
“Fantasia” – 6:01
No track titles appear anywhere on the release however, proper titles can be found on Compilation.

Aphex Twin:
Richard David James:
UK electronic musician and Grammy Award winning composer, born August 18, 1971 in Limerick, Ireland. In 1991, he co-founded the Rephlex label with Grant Wilson-Claridge. After having released a number of albums and EPs on Rephlex, Warp Records, and other labels under many aliases, he gained more and more success from the mid-90’s with releases such as “Come To Daddy” in 1997 (#36 on UK charts) and “Windowlicker” in 1999 (#16 on UK charts).

Caustic Window – Joyrex J9.
Caustic Window – Joyrex J9.

Caustic Window ‎– Joyrex J9
Rephlex ‎– CAT 009i
Vinyl, 10″, Picture Disc, Shape, Limited Edition
Techno, Acid
A Humanoid Must Not Escape 5:41
B Fantasia 6:01
Caustic Window: Richard David James
Mastered – Porky
Pressed – Orlake Records
The disc features a picture of a Roland TB-303 on side A, and a picture of a Roland TR-606 on Side B. The disc itself is actually 26.5x26cms and comes in its own (31.3×31.5cm) clear pvc sleeve, with a rectangular black print on white sleeve sticker affixed.
This release is limited to 300 copies.
The tracklisting is not listed anywhere on its packaging, or on the record itself, but track titles are featured on the Caustic Window compilation album.