Annik Honoré (1957-2014)

Annik Honoré (1957-2014)
Les Disques du Crépuscule


On July 3rd we learned with great sadness that our co-founder and friend Annik had passed away following a short battle with cancer. Annik co-founded Factory Benelux and Crépuscule with Michel Duval in 1980, having already organised a series of landmark happenings at the Plan K in Brussels (including Factory, Zoo and Postcard nights), and would also play a major role in promoting some of the best Belgian bands of the era including Digital Dance, The Names, Marine and Front 242. There’s another story too, which got turned into a movie, but that shouldn’t define her.

The name Crépuscule – ‘twilight’ – was Annik’s idea. The photo above is from happier times and shows her relaxing at Intérferences, the Crépuscule cafe/bar on Rue de la Tête d’Or. Actually Annik smiled a lot, and was one the warmest, kindest, most generous and honourable people it’s been my privilege to know. In 2009, when we returned to Plan K with A Certain Ratio, Section 25, The Wake and The Names, a friend of mine got rather tired and emotional in the wee small hours and had to be taken back to the hotel. It was Annik who stepped in to drive her across town at 3am in the morning and make sure she was safe, even though they had never met before. That’s the Annik we will always remember, and will always love.

Adieu, Annik. Your star will shine forever in our Twilight.

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「ああ、果てしない闇がひろがり銀色の波につゝまれて、寶瓶宮の下の死の海の魚たちは、朝の訪れを待つてゐる。わたしは草床のなかゝら 露にぬれて、身を起すのだが、うすら寒い、雨のあしたに、灰色にをのゝいてゐる。あゝ、今日も日はさゝない。煙のなかに生まれた蝗は、とんで行く、飛躍 とんでゆく 」( 三島由紀夫 /第五の喇叭 -黙示録 第九章 )


Various ‎– From Brussels With Love
Les Disques Du Crépuscule ‎– TWI 007
Cassette, Compilation
Released: 20 Nov 1980
A1 –John Foxx A Jingle
A2 –Thomas Dolby Airwaves
A3 –Repetition Stranger
A4 –Harold Budd Children On The Hill
A5 –Durutti Column Sleep Will Come
A6 –Martin Hannett The Music Room
A7 –Names, The Cat
A8 –Michael Nyman A Walk Through H
A9 –Brian Eno An Interview With Brian Eno
Performer [Background Music] – Phill Niblock
A10 –John Foxx A Jingle
B1 –Jeanne Moreau Un Entretien Avec Jeanne Moreau
Composed [Background Music] – Erik Satie
Performer [Background Music] – Claude Coppens
B2 –Richard Jobson Armoury Show
B3 –Bill Nelson The Shadow Garden
B4 –Durutti Column Piece For An Ideal
B5 –A Certain Ratio Felch
B6 –Kevin Hewick Haystack
B7 –Radio Romance Etrange Affinite
B8 –Gavin Bryars White’s S.S.
B9 –Der Plan Meine Freunde
B10 –Dome Twist Up
B11 –John Foxx A Jingle
First edition, came with a booklet in PVC wallet (some copies with blue labels, and some copies including a badge).
Second edition in regular tape box, and different artwork.
Some copies came with a “Fiche Technique”, which explains how use the tape in order to listen to it with or without the interviews. (see images)
Track A10, is not mentioned in the tracklisting.
Track B10, is credited to Graham Lewis & B.C. Gilbert, and is taken from the Dome Album “Dome 2”.
Track A1, A10, B11 are different tracks.
Track A1 is actually A Jingle #1
Track A10 is actually A Jingle #2
Track B11 is actually A Jingle #3
Les Disques Du Crépuscule 1980

Durutti Column – Piece for an Ideal

アニーク・オノレとクレプスキュールが提唱した ” twilight ” 、あの80年代初頭はまだ日没後のたそがれ(時)の、薄明の、美しい微かなひとの温もりとやさしさがあった。いままさに50歳をこえる年齢になったあの美しかった女性たちも、昔のような優しさや女性らしさがなくなり、しみしわも目立ってきているんだろうな。一番活力があり輝いている青春時代を耽美でロマンチックな80年代を過ごすことのできた幸せ者の彼女たちは、まだ音楽を聴く時間を持っているのだろうか? もしそうなら、たまには、そうした女性もぼくに会いに来てくれてもよさそうなものなのに、、、w。あれから30数年、この時代を例えるなら、Twilightから、まさに” Blackest Ever Black ” だよね。

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