Beautiful room / Metamorphosis ” The room of Franz Kafka ” photo by Daichi Adachi

Beautiful room
Metamorphosis ” The room of Franz Kafka ”
photo by Daichi Adachi

Metamorphosis / The room of Franz Kafka
bricolage: AGI Yuzuru @nu things 2014. 3.2
Film:Fred L’Epee

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nu things
nu things.Beautiful room
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nu things.bricolage: AGI Yuzuru

Kangding Ray ‎– Solens Arc
重力、衝動およびスタートする角度によって定義された単純な放物曲線、飛行の美。Kangding Rayの4作目のアルバムは4つの「 弧 」の形で構成されている。曲によっては物足りなさも感じるが、彼やModal Analysisなどのインダストリアル・テクノ・ストンプは建築物を揺さぶり、空間を歪ませ身体にズカズカと侵入してくる。まっさらの新しいレコードだけをブリコラージュしたMetamorphosis ” The room of Franz Kafka ” の2日間は不条理ダンスミュージックの、Fカフカの波動が飛び交い渦巻いていた。音楽を解ってるデコンストラクティヴィスト ( deconstructivist ) たちだけの、誰にも邪魔されない美しい2夜だった。

Kangding Ray – Blank Empire

hyperspace·: 2014/02/23
A stone thrown, just to watch it fly. A projectile launched for the sole purpose of drawing
a ballistic trajectory in the sky. The Solens arc is what remains after the subtraction of the
goal; a simple parabolic curve defined by gravity, impulse and starting angle. No target to
hit, no catharsis to wait for, just the beauty of the flight.
Solens arc is kangding ray’s fourth album on raster-noton and the follow-up to “the
pentaki slopes” ep. The twelve tracks of this record are assembled in the form of four
“arcs”, one for each side of the double LP. The different sequences are arranged
seamlessly into dense, evolving compositions, while keeping their autonomy, and their
role in the global dramaturgy.
Pointillist serial loops and disintegrated melodic textures morph into abrasive rave
anthems, broken club rhythms are refitted into uneven patterns, like deconstructivist
sound architectures. Industrial techno stompers dissolve into granular sound waves and
filtered space pads, before being overtaken by cinematic drums and rising arpeggios.
Artist: Kangding Ray
Album: Solens Arc
Label: Raster Noton
Catalog: RN154CD
Style: Electronic, Experimental, Techno
Released: 2014

Kangding Ray ‎– Solens Arc
Raster-Noton ‎– R-N 154
Released: 24 Feb 2014
A.1 Serendipity March 2 The River 3 Evento
B. 4 The River (Reprise) 5 Blank Empire 6 L’envol
C. 7 Amber Decay 8 Apogee 9 History Of Obscurity
D. 10 Crystal 11 Transitional Ballistics 12 Son
all tracks recorded, produced and mixed by Kangding Ray,
additional synthesizers recorded at the Waldorf Studio, Vancouver, BC
mixed at the Kraftwerk, Berlin; mastered by Bo Kondren at Galyx Mastering
special thanks to Laurens, Dimitri, Thomas m, Anne and Rose

Kangding Ray-M-C-01Kangding Ray-M-16Kangding Ray-M-15
Kangding Ray-M-16Kangding Ray-M-17Kangding Ray-M-18

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*阿木 譲 a perfect day
3月 4, 2014、2:06 am